As we all know, every household runs a little differently. I don’t think any of us would try to discount the benefits of having a Recurring Cleaning schedule. Not only is it necessary for the proper function of our households. It also keeps our homes and property in good condition. Also, when household tasks are done on a regular basis, they become easier to manage. This is a time management benefit as well as a financial benefit.


The first thing that needs to be done in maintaining a clean house is to determine the need in that home. There are many factors that make a difference. Always remember to consider if there are children or pets in the home, time of day that is convenient, tasks that need to be done and frequency of those tasks. To get to a good starting point, begin with one room in the house and work your way through with a deep cleaning. Tackle those hard to reach places and get inside your appliances. After this is complete, you can determine what is required to maintain this state. You may be ahead of the game and just want to free up some time and remain organized and on top of things.


If during this process you discover that you need or want any assistance, Her Majesty Services offers it all. Let us help you get started with room to room deep cleaning or keep it going for you with weekly, bi-weekly or monthly recurring cleaning. If there is a task that you are unable to complete due to a disability or busy schedule, such as vacuuming or floor cleaning, we can do it for you. We can customize a plan just for you and your needs!

"It's all about the small details!"

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