Helpful Tips to Get Kids to Clean House

Tidy room…

tidy mind!

Helpful Tips to Get

Kids to Clean House

In addition to all the other jobs we parents we have the never ending, no-break-allowed job of training our perfect little people into responsible contributing members of society. But before they head out on their own and make their mark on the world, our kids need to learn how to be responsible, contributing members of the family household. In a perfect home all things would be found in their designated place, bathrooms woulds stay fresh and shiny, the flowers outside would always be in bloom, everyone would pull their own weight and a gorgeous, perfect rainbow would continuously hover close above. I am here to tell you that unfortunately, there is no “perfect” home. But teaching responsibility at home not only teaches our children important life skills that will prepare them for living on their own, and impart a pull-your-own-weight work ethic, but recently studies have shown that starting chores at an early age gives children an enormous head start in other areas of their life as well. In my book, I am definitely winning if I can give my children this priceless gift and simplify my daily chore list. Hey...I think it makes us all winners!

Its unfortunate that at times it is easier to do the tasks on our own than it is to battle the children and constantly oversee their efforts. Lets face it though… if we want a little help at home and also want to give our kids this incredible gift (allowing them to be amazing, responsible, hard working adults) we have to abstain from those little battles for perfection and grueling critique. Take some time and put together a checklist of chores. Start with simple tasks and be specific about what should be done. As their skill and confidence progresses you can always change the list accordingly. You can include some kind of reward to show appreciation. Most children are thrilled with any small token, money (of course), or one on one time with mom or dad.

Here is an example of a list that can be used to get started.

Make changes to better suit your family and home. Be patient and allow a period of adjustment and learning for you and the kids to get used to your new way of living. Then reap the benefits. Use your free time and make plans to do something fun with your family or just sit back and watch your children transform into responsible, tidy members of your might even start to see that rainbow.

"It's all about the small details!"

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