Putting Away the Holidays

Seasons Greetings! I know...I know the holidays haven’t even arrived yet. Most of us are still in the process of untangling and

finding all of our holiday decor. Others have crossed that hurdle but have barely had the chance to enjoy the decorations. Why would anyone want to begin thinking about how to store them? Well, I recommend that you do.

I have some suggestions that may allow you to avoid the same headache next year. Keep in mind ... What you do when packing these things up in January can lead to a painless and seamless transition into next year's holiday season.

You can find tons of tools for organizing on line or while shopping. These items can get very expensive. Truth be told, I would love nothing more than to spend a fortune on items for safe and easy storage….but I can't. Financially, it's not something I can fit into my current holiday budget. I tried to choose tips that I can afford. If I can afford them… I know you can!

  • Designate a space to be used specifically for holiday decorations. Climate controlled (ex. closet) would be an ideal choice but not likely for me. If you are also of the deprived kind...keep in mind that cardboard boxes do not hold in moisture like plastic bins. So weigh your pros and cons when making your choice.

  • Pack one of your boxes with favorite ornaments or items (ya know, the ones we start digging for as soon as we start pulling boxes). Label this box “UNPACK 1ST”. When filling your holiday storage place, put this box in the front.

  • Clearly label artificial tree limbs. Most are color coded but that wears off and can be be hard to differentiate. This year, as you take apart your tree, label the ends with duct tape.

  • Wrap lights around a piece of cardboard. Label that board with the type of lights on that particular string and the location from which you had them hung. You can also tape those little annoying plastic baggies of replacement bulbs to the cardboard. This way you will know which string the bulbs belong to.

  • Create a “HOLIDAY” folder in your computer. Take pictures of your table settings and holiday displays before you take them down. You can use this reference when setting up next year.

  • Tape the ends of all ribbons and wrapping paper. You can also use saran wrap to wrap each roll and keep it from fading or tangling.

  • Get or make a gift wrapping caddy specifically for holiday gifting items.

Well, I hope that you have a fabulous holiday this year and next! I hope that these suggestions help you enjoy all the important things that this season has to offer without any of the headache.

If this still seems over whelming or don't have the time, we are here to help! Ask about our holiday clean up!

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